#mscloudroadshow Dallas

My Agenda:


The session started with Empowering your journey to the cloud, which was energetic and briefly covered the possibilities of having IaaS and PaaS.

The example UNDP working with Microsoft was very touching. You can watch the video here.

A company cannot be 100% in the cloud. All companies have some sort of a hybrid setup. All the services focused in the session are offered in a ‘Pay as you go’ model in using Azure (Microsoft Cloud Services). I felt that Microsoft didn’t cover the pricing model clearly. Microsoft is offering a pricing calculator, but I highly recommend using the MSDN subscription with the Azure Points in getting your feet wet with Azure Services. There were are a lot of unknowns as to how the backend is making decision and shifting datacenters. How does one decide on what model or tier to choose.

I find it interesting the Microsoft is leveraging that decision making process to its partners. Apparently, the partners have a “Client Tool” that discovers and presents what tier a potential customers should be using. They need to make this tool public.

The networking piece plays are key role in VM creation. No part of networking was covered in the sessions – only logical explanations and no screens discussing options available.

I find the ExpressRoute very vendor endorsed. Funny that no SLAs were expressed.

1 in 4 machines is a linux machine. Interesting discussion regarding Nano Servers.

VM Creation:

I like the session that covered the creation of VMs. It discussed details of the different processors and memory models.

I found that 40 VMs were provisioned in 3.5 minutes to a minutes where they were ready to go.

What I have learned from the event:

  • In-Memory Database offering (G family)
  • MS Premium Storage
  • DS-GS Storage VM
  • Resource Groups (RBAC)*

Good Intro for Azure

Interesting Keywords/Tools:

Blob Storage

Nano Server