Running Dell DSET on RHEL/ CentOS 7

Download: Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET) 3.7 – [Linux 64-bit]

  • Create a new directory called dell
  • Created a new sub directory called dset
  • Copy the file ‘dell-dset-lx64-’ to the /dell/dset/ path
  • Change the permission of the file
Run the tool:
Here is the error that was being generated when the report would try to run:

So, I enter the root password and it’s immediately followed by:


The DSET report does not generate.


This isn’t an issue with DSET, it’s environmental with the Operating System.

Checked the audit.log and saw that DSET was being denied by selinux


This revealed that selinux is running or “enforcing

Turn selinux off by running the command:

This will put selinux in Permissive mode. Meaning it will still audit but allow access.

Run the tool again:

Choose option 3


After successful installation the screen should say:

Now to run the DSET tool:

Upon successful execution:

To re-enable selinux,