How to instsall the Azure PowerShell Module

Well if you are working with Microsoft Azure you may need the PowerShell Modules for automation and some settings which are only available in PowerShell. With the latest releases you can install the Azure PowerShell Module in several different ways.

For me using the PowerShell Package Management and the PowerShell Gallery is may the easiest and fastest way to install it. In Windows 10 or a computer with the Windows Management Framework 5 installed, you can use the following PowerShell cmdlets to install it:

Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (new Portal):

And you can use the following command to login:

If you are using it against the classic Azure Portal you can use the following:

You may get an error here. It somecases it has been okay to bypass it, for other the following command works:

And you can use the following command to login:

You can also see the Azure PowerShell Modules and versions using the PowerShell Package Management:

At this point you may want to Install a specific module:

e.g. Install-Module AzureRM.Websites

Or install all of them: