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Deleteing & Permanently Deleting a user

Connect to Office365 via Powershell ISE

To delete a user:

Permanently delete a user or Remove the User from Recycle Bin:

Remove All the Users From the Cloud:

Remove All the Users From the Recycle Bin:

Remove All the Users With an Unlimited Count:

View mailbox permissions

1. Run the command below to get the permission of the mailbox you prefer to check. Get-MailboxPermission -Identity <Mailbox ID 1> | Format-List 2. Run the following command to get returns permissions that the user A has on test’s mailbox. Get-MailboxPermission -Identity -User “A” You may use the commands to query the mailboxes you would […]

Using remote PowerShell to manage Office 365 identities

With remote PowerShell you can connect to Office 365 to perform management tasks that are not available or practical in the web management interface. For example, you can use Remote PowerShell to automate repetitive tasks, extract data for custom reports, customize policies, and connect Exchange Online to existing infrastructure and processes. This is especially usefully […]

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