Hello. You already know my name.

2592f02 (1)Currently I am part of the Global Connected Enterprise Team at KPMG, USA. I define myself as a Hybrid Developer, Programmer, and Technical Consultant, with a creative twist who loves to innovate, inspire, and simplify solutions. Based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

My background is based in Business Administration & Computer Science. It was here I discovered I fitted in to a rare breed of what I like to call “hybrid developers”, others may call this a “design technologist” – in short, I equally enjoy being both creative and technical minded.

I am also a technical enthusiast. I like to stay current with the latest development trends and enjoy exploring open-source solutions.

Lately, my focus is around cloud, IDM solutions, Office365, infrastructure as code, automation, and VDI. With many companies heading to the cloud solution providers (Azure, AWS, Google) it is becoming more and more obvious that businesses are looking to invest in the cloud offerings and use Infrastructure As A service (IaaS) or Platform As A Service (PaaS). Depending on the nature of your business it may make sense to invest in a infrastructure that automatically renews. There are also a lot of open-tools emerging in the market that are focusing towards making their infrastructure partially or fully automated, working with any cloud provider.

I work with many brilliant folks & creative heads that enjoy exploring new ideas and solutions. I am always up for a challenge.

Why do I blog?

I like to blog about my experiences and solutions so I can help others. There is no point in knowledge if you don’t share it. In the social age, knowledge itself is no longer power: your ability to synthesize meaning out of multiple sources, your ability to add value, to reinvent yourself and effect change, your generosity of time and expertise, these are the things that add value. These are the things that make you influential, that give you authority around a subject. It’s not about what you know and hide away, it’s about the conversations that you get into and how generous you are (and how willing you are to learn).

Also its serves as a good reference site if I come across same or similar problem.

Please take a moment to browse my website and if you have a question, idea or comment.

Let’s talk.


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