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A chart describing CIDR subnets

Admins need to understand some basic networking concepts like CIDR. These are needed when working with AntiSpam & Archiving providers. Here is a simple chart describing the CIDR subnets.

In networks larger than a /31, one address is used for the network number, another for the broadcast address, and generally another as the default […]

Creating an Inbound Connector for Office 365 to Symantec Cloud IP ranges CIDR

To allow connections only from Symantec Cloud IPs within Office 365 – Exchange Online you will need to create an Inbound Connector that is restricted to Symantec.Cloud IPs ( ) Note: Office 365 only allows CIDR from 24 to 32 to be entered within the sender IP scope in Send Connectors.  Table 1.1 below are […]

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