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R.I.P. nslookup – Start using dig or host

I have been using nslookup for the longest time I can remember. Although, this may be an older topic to some, it may be a newer topic to most Windows users. Dear Windows users, nslookup has been deprecated. The organization that maintains the code for nslookup, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), has very clearly stated it in the most […]

The Lazy Way To Do Active Directory Inventory

From time to time admins have to run an inventory of what is running in the AD environment. This is a good practice for audits, inventory, removing decommissioned servers, or any other good reason. The details that are required are like when was computer/ server created, when was it last logged into, what is the […]

Uninstall DNS role on a Windows Core Server 2012 R2 / 2008 R2

So I ran into an interesting issue where I needed to remove a DNS role from a Core Windows box. After googling for serveral minutes, I was able to craft up the command that is used to uninstall the role.

Using the command above the DNS role uninstalled successfully. A reboot was required so […]

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