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April 2016

DirSync with Password Sync- Did You Know?

Microsoft added the “Password Sync” option to DirSync in June 2013 and in the past year it has become a viable alternative to AD FS due to its fewer on-premises infrastructure dependencies. The differences between Password Sync and AD FS are well documented elsewhere, the article “Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365” is a […]

Remove group membership of disabled accounts

Majority of the system administrators I’ve met forget this very important rule. When an account is not needed remove its membership from the security/ distribution groups, otherwise you get disabled account showing up in groups, and that looks ugly. You will need Quest ActiveRoles for Powershell installed to get this working. Depending on the size […]

RAID: Level Comparison & Types

Often times engineers make the fundamental mistake of choosing the wrong type of RAID when a server is setup. When disaster strikes this may leave them with data loss, long backup process, loss of time etc. Its important to choose the right type of RAID when first setting up the server. Its important to identify […]

Mohammed Wasay

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